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Lovely Lady Clear Complexion Facial System
Based on the amazing feedback received for our individual facial care products, we have pulled together our best selling facial care products in one specially priced bundle pack called the Clear Complexion System. This system is very easy to use and multi-functional. When these products are purchased separately, they would cost just under $93 but when purchased as a system, you pay only $79.99 which saves you $13 on every Clear Complexion System purchased.

This system is great for everyday skin conditioning but also very supportive of problem skin conditions including acne, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema in the facial area. The system includes four easy-to-use, versatile, USDA certified organic, plant-based products:
1) Everlasting-Argan Facial Cleansing Bar - gentle and effective, great for everyday washing w/ ingredients to help exfoliate and refresh
Bonus - Also works as a great shave cream alternative

2) Everlasting-Argan Skin Toner - alcohol free with calming ingredients including helichrysum essential oil, lavender essential oil, calendula, witch hazel distillate; great for the "T" zone around nose and eyes
Bonus - great solution for mosquito bites, bee stings and as an after shave.

3) Everlasting-Argan Night Serum - amongst the cleanest serum formulations in the industry; no water and just three simple yet powerful ingredients including argan oil, helichrysum oil and neroli essential oil.
Bonus - known for it's calming effect, a couple drops of this under the nose before bed helps to promote a calm, restful sleep

4) Facial Nutrient - a top seller used for skin moisturizing day or night loaded with great ingredients such as argan oil, helichrysum oil, rosehip seed oil, matcha green tea and aloe vera. A little goes a very long way so this tin will last you for months.
Bonus - also use this as a cuticle cream and/or lip balm.

Normally priced at just under $93 if purchased separately, this newly offered Facial System, when purchased as a bundle, is now priced at $79.99

List Price: $93.00
Our Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $79.99
Savings: $13.01

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Everlasting-Argan Facial Cleansing Bar (Help your skin find its eternal fountain of youth)

A luxurious Argan and Neroli infused, deep-cleanser for all skin types that doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry after rinsing away impurities.

Our Price: $12.99
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Everlasting Skin Toner

Our Everlasting Skin Toner will restore the skin’s natural balance while toning and refining your pores. Also serves as an excellent aftershave for men.

Our Price: $19.99

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Everlasting-Argan Immortelle Facial Nutrient (Embrace the power to never fade)
Creams and lotions may be inefficient at preventing dry, tired, itchy and sun damaged skin. Over time, your skin needs more hydration and natural nutrients which help to slow and prevent the effects of aging. This fast absorbing nutrient salve deeply penetrates and moisturizes the skin.

Our Price: $29.99

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Everlasting-Argan Night Serum Oil (Help your skin find its eternal fountain of youth)

Our compressed pure everlasting-argan night serum will help your skin find its eternal fountain of youth. This easy to absorb oil will helps to minimize lines and wrinkles, bringing moisture to your skin as it nourishes and protects from the environment.

Our Price: $29.99

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Everlasting-Argan Immortal Rose Oil (Entice Your Senses While Nourishing Your Skin)
Our Immortal Rose oil is exquisite for several reasons- We’ve combined two of the worlds more exquisite essential oils with the worlds best carrier oil, Argan to create a luxurious multifunctional oil with plant-based properties that serve as excellent treatments for aging dry skin; problematic redness of the skin and it's Excellent for Hair.

Our Price: $29.99

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Everlasting-Argan Helichrysum Oil (Embrace the power to never fade)
The plant used to infuse this argan based treatment oil is called “Everlasting” and/or “Immortelle” for a reason—it has the exceptional ability to never fade or wilt, even when picked. Many healing properties have been attributed to both, everlasting and argan oil. Click on to learn more about why helichrysum oil was featured on the Dr. Oz Show.

Our Price: $29.99

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